Jayex Launches Web Media M4 Digital Display System


Jayex, the healthcare digital display system specialist, today announces the launch of Web Media M4; its next-generation multimedia and client call solution. The intuitive M4 digital solution allows organisations to communicate visually and audibly to clients, staff and patients in prime locations, such as reception, walkways and waiting areas. An easily configurable display screen provides organisations with the opportunity to exhibit pertinent messages, direct individuals to the relevant room and entertain or educate those waiting.

M4 uses the latest web technologies to provide a fast, intuitive and easy to use online interface that can be accessed by any PC, Mac or Linux workstation without the need to install any applications. Jayex's M4 solution gives organisations complete control - allowing content to be uploaded from various sources; including posters, videos, RSS feeds, broadcast news, live TV, external video, websites, as well as providing functionality to create and edit text and imagery.

M4 users will also be granted free access to Med-Extranet; Jayex's online media library where organisations can download educational videos, digital posters and public service announcements directly onto LCD screens. Organisations can regularly adjust the content to reflect seasonal messages or latest company news and this can also be scheduled to run at certain dates and times to coincide with typical customer habits. The configured digital information can be set-up quickly and displayed on single or split LCD digital signage screens and is available in totem, wall or ceiling mount options.

Bob Marsh, Director at Jayex, comments, "Most organisations consistently have a stream of people passing through their doors whether for a business meeting or for a scheduled appointment (medical, commercial or otherwise). However, very few organisations have exploited this time between arrival and being seen, to effectively communicate to those waiting. Jayex's M4 digital display system enables organisations to advertise upcoming events and inform individuals, thus improving their overall experience and boosting awareness."

Marsh continues, "Web Media M4 includes client/patient call functionality, allowing organisations to alert individuals when they are able to proceed to their appointment via the LCD digital signage – enhancing back-office operations and allowing organisations to improve customer flow. A digital display system can also free-up front desk and customer service staff from frequently asked questions that can simply be shown on a display screen."

Marsh concludes, "People are less stressed when they are engaged and informed. Organisations making use of receptions or waiting areas through their own LCD digital signage screen can realise clear benefits in terms of driving forward promotions and educating and entertaining waiting customers. A growing number of healthcare organisations across the country have taken advantage of digital display technology to successfully enhance operations and educate patients. It is now time for organisations across all sectors to explore the opportunities to improve customer service and increase back-office efficiencies."

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