eGrabber and LeadFormix Announce Strategic Alliance


eGrabber appends decision makers & contact information to LeadFormix website visitor data, San Jose, CA, August 11, 2011 - eGrabber, the leader in automated list building tools for B2B sales, is partnering with LeadFormix, the cloud-based B2B Marketing Automation platform that provides insight into website visitor's intent. The partnership features collaboration in offerings to LeadFormix's customers, including product features and webinars.

LeadFormix's visitor intent analysis engine uses reverse IP detection to identify the companies that website visitors come from. The system is great for tracking leads, lead qualification and lead nurturing by sending out automated marketing responses.

The strategic alliance involves offering LeadFormix users the ability to append Decision Makers to the companies identified by the visitor tracking system. Decision makers’ names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers will be researched from the Internet in real-time by the eGrabber system and added back to LeadFormix, allowing the LeadFormix workflow automation engine to nurture the leads from there.

"We're excited to be partnering with LeadFormix's visitor intent analysis engine," said Chandra Bodapati, eGrabber CEO and Founder. "With eGrabber integration, LeadFormix's customers will be able penetrate & call deeper into any prospect’s organization."

“The LeadFormix/eGrabber synergy is a winning combination”, said Shreesha Ramdas, COO, LeadFormix. “Our prospect activity tracking system will flag out highly qualified prospects, and eGrabber’s system will connect you directly to the decision makers of that company.”

The two companies are also conducting joint webinars on mutual topics. The first webinar on new ways to create B2B Email Lists from social networks can be found here.

About eGrabber Inc

eGrabber is the leader in automated list building tools for B2B sales & recruiting. We invented the industry’s most accurate Internet research technology to capture, append & update B2B prospect lists & recruiting lists. Our tool's accuracy rivals that of experts, and does the job in a fraction of time. Our tools are great for those that cannot find ready-to-buy prospect lists; or have in-house starter-lists that need to be updated with decision makers, title, email, phone & other demographic information.

eGrabber’s brands include LeadResearcher, LeadGrabber, ResumeGrabber, AddressGrabber, ListGrabber, LeadFinder, ResumeFinder, LeadSegmenter and eMail-Lead Grabber.

For more information, please visit or call (408) 516-4566

About LeadFormix

LeadFormix is a leader in next-generation marketing automation and sales enablement, providing a game-changing, real-time solution that delivers a new level of enriched lead data, enabling enterprise sales and marketing teams to uncover hidden opportunities, accurately identify online visitor intent and decision-makers, and deliver powerful, targeted, real-time responses to qualified prospects. LeadFormix was founded by experienced software executives from Microsoft, Yodlee, Autonomy, and Healtheon. LeadFormix has offices in California, Michigan, England and India.

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