PIPS Technology & Intuidex Team Up To Integrate Advanced Analytics For The LPR Market and Real-Time Crime Centers


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. ---- PIPS Technology, Inc. announces it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Intuidex, Inc. to bring cutting-edge analytics to the public safety License Plate Recognition (LPR) market. The PIPS-Intuidex partnership promises substantial investigative and alerting benefits, enabling agencies to identify critical patterns and threats beyond simple search functions. The combined efforts of these technology companies enable integration of Intuidex’s Watchman Analytics™ with PIPS’ Back Office System Software™ (BOSS), an industry first. Watchman enables investigators and real-time crime centers to gain rapid, accurate insight and actionable intelligence from diverse data sources, including PIPS LPR and other LPR vendor data. Watchman employs patent-pending Higher Order Learning™ technology available exclusively from Intuidex integrated with advanced tools for information extraction, modeling, classification, prediction and recommender systems. PIPS will be integrating Watchman Analytics™ with its BOSS platform for use in a major metropolitan infrastructure protection project. The project includes multiple agencies, locations and over 200 strategically deployed fixed LPR cameras in early 2012.

We are delighted to be partnering with best-in-class PIPS Technology to advance the state of the art in LPR analytics,” said Dr. William Pottenger, Ph.D. “The combination of PIPS leading-edge LPR technology with Intuidex’s advanced analytics is an unbeatable solution for LPR investigations and real-time crime alerting."

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Dr. Pottenger and Intuidex,” said Tim O’Leary, PIPS’s Vice President and General Manager. “With deep knowledge and experience in data analytics, Intuidex is clearly an industry leader with numerous analytics engagements including law enforcement, the National Institute of Justice, the Department of Defense as well as the Department of Homeland Security. This partnership is a huge win for departments that seek to expand their investigative and alerting use of LPR data in a more cost-effective manner than what is available on the market today.”

Previews of Intuidex’s capabilities will be on display during the International Association of Chiefs Of Police (IACP) annual conference October 23–25 in Chicago at the Federal Signal/PIPS Booth #1681.

About PIPS Technology

PIPS Technology, Inc., a Federal Signal Company, is the global leader in license plate recognition systems and is unique in that it designs, manufactures, and supports its complete line of ALPR products and services for use in law enforcement, parking, tolling, and intelligent transportation systems. PIPS is recognized as providing The Most Advanced License Plate Recognition Systems in the world and has over 20,000 cameras deployed internationally with offices in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Knoxville, TN, and Irvine, CA. For more information about the company and its extensive license plate recognition systems.

About Intuidex

Intuidex, Inc. provides advanced data analysis and decision support solutions for clients across the defense, homeland security, intelligence, law enforcement, civilian agencies, as well as the commercial sector. Intuidex technologies are powered by the leading research and development efforts of our company CEO and Founder, Dr. William M. Pottenger, Ph.D., who is a nationally recognized authority in statistical relational learning, data analysis, and technology transition. Intuidex software is deployed and used effectively in a wide spectrum of client decision support systems that include organizations across the U.S. defense, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement and public safety communities, and commercial enterprises involved in global financial and international journalism.

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