VirtualEmployee Offers Companies Of All Sizes A Flexible And Cost-Effective Way To Hire Full Time Remote Employees


The reason why outsourcing has taken off in such a big way is because the fantastic opportunity for cost savings and lowered operational costs that it offered companies. And not just the big players but even modest-sized enterprises who did not have the resources to open independent offshore offices in exotic foreign destinations like India, but who could, nevertheless, enjoy all the advantages that outsourcing offered, thanks to its flexible models.

One of the leading outsourcing vendors in India is VirtualEmployee Its business model is a unique one and it has been steadily winning over clients from not just the traditional destinations like the US or the UK but from even countries such as Canada, Europe and Australia. This is because Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd offers companies of all sizes a flexible and cost-effective way to hire full-time remote employees. Yes, that is correct. An employee as opposed to the traditional face of outsourcing, the ubiquitous freelancer.

How does it achieve this? What is so unique about VirtualEmployee business model?

1.When you outsource to Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd, you are actually expanding your team size because an additional 'employee', albeit a remote one, comes on board your team as an integral member of the organization.

2.It doesn't matter whether you are running a one-man enterprise, operating from your home or a small business who wishes to do some cost-savings by outsourcing. This vendor can easily provide you with as many remote employees that you wish. All tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. Which brings us to yet another unique aspect of this outsourcing service provider – its recruitment system.

3.The recruitment process is one of the chief reasons why clients give a favourable feedback to this vendor. Every client request is meticulously attended to, with the HR executives swinging into action straightaway. Resumes are scanned and then sent across to the client; interviews are arranged – both by the HR and the technical team as well as by the client. It is only when the client is fully satisfied with the candidate that the employee is hired and starts working. So, whether you are a SME or a individual, you do not have to settle for any random freelancer who may or may not have given the honest credentials on the website.

4.Flexibility of the virtual team size is yet another very attractive feature of this vendor. Unlike in a real office, where scaling down a team size could result in a lot of unpleasantness or legal wrangles, here it is as easy as an intimation email to VirtualEmployee HR executives and the work is done.

5.The vendor's office effectively works as an offshore extension of your own office in India, with the HR and IT and Accounts team, all working as your representatives, collectively helping to monitor and supervise your employee. Yes, the virtual employee may be working from the vendor's office but they are considered as your dedicated human resource.

6.All the operational overheads such as infrastructure, hardware, software and communication technology are taken care of by the service provider, leaving you free to focus only on working with your virtual employee. This is a huge advantage and one that few vendors can provide.

So, if you are looking for a flexible and cost-effective way to outsource, is an option worth considering. Others have benefited and it may just be your turn next!

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