ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Offers Cisco Medianet Video Traffic Monitoring For Free


AUSTIN, Texas ---- ManageEngine, makers of a suite of cost-effective, enterprise-grade network, systems, applications, and security management software solutions, today announced free video traffic monitoring for customers of NetFlow Analyzer, the company’s bandwidth monitoring and traffic analytics tool. Available immediately, NetFlow Analyzer 9.5 makes Cisco Medianet reporting available to users who want to ensure optimum performance of media-rich applications in the network.

Video traffic is on the rise in enterprise networks. Video calling, video conferencing, and other video-heavy applications are quickly moving beyond novelty status to become key business enablers and, for some, business-critical tools. The ability to report on Cisco Medianet video traffic lets NetFlow Analyzer users monitor the critical factors affecting the quality of video traffic and take appropriate fine-tuning measures to ensure their video application delivers an optimal user experience.

“Video can bring an enterprise network to its knees, and the Cisco Medianet support in NetFlow Analyzer is just one of the steps we’re taking to ensure our customers enjoy superior network performance for all of their network applications, including video,” said Vijayarangakannan Rajkumar, product manager at ManageEngine. “We worked diligently to improve the usability of NetFlow Analyzer. In large part, that meant supporting those use cases being embraced by our customers, and video is certainly one of their highest-profile applications.”

Beyond free video traffic monitoring, NetFlow Analyzer gains a major facelift.

The new user interface offers a Tab view that provides one-click access to any feature or report.
The new Grid view lets users view the devices being monitored from one central point, which provides one-click access to statistics for those devices.
The new UI offers more space for personalization.
NetFlow Analyzer now also supports AppFlow, which is gaining prominence in the industry. Users can fine tune the performance at the user interface level, saving precious minutes and, at the same time, ensuring optimum performance.

ManageEngine customers continue to praise NetFlow Analyzer for usability. Tapan D. Bhat, general manager and business head, managed IT services, Wipro Infotech, said, “NetFlow Analyzer provides centralized traffic analysis for our customers’ networks with more than 100 interfaces spread geographically. It enables easy troubleshooting of traffic bottlenecks and helps us in capacity planning. The information provided is user-friendly and enables us to make informed business decisions.

About NetFlow Analyzer

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a powerful traffic analysis and network forensic tool that collects Cisco NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, J-Flow, cflowd, NetStream, and Cisco NBAR, CBQoS, and Medianet data to provide unparalleled visibility into your network. With real-time bandwidth usage reports on top applications, conversations and hosts, NetFlow Analyzer gives valuable insight into bandwidth usage in the enterprise without the complexity and expense involved in deploying hardware probes.

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine is the leading provider of cost-effective enterprise IT management software. The ManageEngine suite offers Integrated IT Management, Network Management, HelpDesk ITIL, Bandwidth Monitoring, Application Management, Desktop Management, Security Management, Password Management, Active Directory reporting, and a Managed Services (MSP) platform. ManageEngine products are easy to install, setup and use, and offer extensive support, consultation and training. More than 50,000 organizations in 200 countries, from different verticals, industries and sizes use ManageEngine to take care of their IT management needs cost effectively. ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corp.

ManageEngine is a trademark of Zoho Corp. All other brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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