Qumu SharePoint Video Solution Connects Employees Everywhere With 2.0 Product Release


SAN BRUNO, Calif. ---- Qumu,, the leading business video platform provider, today announced a technology step forward for SharePoint customers that enables video content – both live and on-demand – to be centrally managed, and made available to employees within the SharePoint Portal.

The Qumu SharePoint Technology Integration Module (TIM) delivers streaming video - Live Webcasting and Video On-Demand to SharePoint Portal. The solution leverages the Qumu Video Control Center to provide secure media access and scalable delivery and publishes standard web parts to any SharePoint site. The Qumu SharePoint video solution enables the enterprise to manage, organize and securely distribute live and on-demand video to every employee.

“Employees want to stay connected. With this latest SharePoint TIM release, Qumu provides a great platform for employees to view video communications and training programs, and share their own best practice videos. It makes it possible for every employee to feel connected to their corporate community,” said Ray Hood, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qumu.

“For employees who have many tools at their disposal, it’s all about making video just another part of their daily routine. Qumu is accomplishing this by putting video where employees are going for many other things. It’s in front of them all the time, providing additional resources specific to their jobs in a very dynamic way – and it can make a significant and positive impact in employee productivity and engagement,” said Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications.

Enhanced features social media

New social media features in the Qumu SharePoint TIM empower employees to share video without fears of compromising corporate security. In the past, employees accustomed to sharing video through social media have faced onerous corporate approval policies and procedures. Qumu’s new social media features provides automated control for enterprises, while offering employees easy tools for uploading content.

Video content displayed within SharePoint can be flexibly organized – view by most popular, or by featured programs, or browse through Categories and Channels. Whatever video is played, the user never leaves the SharePoint interface as the solution leverages an embedded video player.

Employees are able to comment on, mash-up, share and rate video programs they’ve watched. Easy sliders make it possible to share the whole video or just a short portion of it with a colleague. And, of course, it’s all secure so colleagues receiving invitation to view must be authenticated in order to see the video content.

An interactive calendar of events provides quick access to upcoming live webcasts. Viewers are able to quickly view program details, subscribe, and view when the program starts. The solution makes SharePoint videos easy to manage.

Secure user access

Enterprise video content needs to be protected. The Qumu SharePoint TIM leverages the Qumu Video Control Center and provides secure user access to video content based on access rights, Active Directory or LDAP and Active Directory or LDAP Groups integration, encrypted URLs, and program-specific private codes to ensure your content is secure.

About Qumu

Qumu, Inc., a Rimage company based in San Bruno, California, is the leading business video platform provider, empowering organizations to better engage and inspire employees, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Video is pervasive – it appears in all business applications and is consumed on all devices. The largest Global 1000 companies depend on Qumu’s video platform to capture, manage, and distribute live and on-demand content with total reliability and security. Regardless of audience size, viewer device, or network configuration, Qumu simply makes video work. Only Qumu delivers the Freedom to work with existing infrastructure; the Power to reach everyone; and the Control to do it right. Qumu is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rimage Corporation.

About Rimage Corporation

Founded in 1978, Rimage Corporation (NASDAQ: RIMG) helps businesses deliver digital content directly and securely to their customers and employees. Its disc publishing business, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, supplies more than 10,000 customers in North America, Europe and Asia with industry-leading solutions that archive, distribute and protect content on CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs™. With its acquisition of Qumu, Rimage is a leader in the rapidly growing enterprise video communications market. The combination of Qumu and Rimage’s disc publishing business and virtual publishing initiative enables businesses to securely deliver their videos, documents, audio files and images in today’s multi-platform, multi-device world.

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