AMERLUX Unveils SmartSite State Of The Art LED Street Lighting and Network Control System


FAIRFIELD, N.J. ---- Amerlux unveils SmartSite™, powered by Intellistreets and the world’s most technically advanced street lighting system which integrates energy efficient LED lighting technology with a robust, bi-directional mesh network control system. This innovative system manages lighting, audio, video and energy usage throughout urban, suburban and college environments.

Operating effectively without cable installation, underground trenching or wire maintenance to set-up the control of the outdoor lighting, sound and video, SmartSite is a 24/7 area-wide system that offers architectural luminaire styles, a robust platform, digital wireless solutions, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a myriad of homeland security features. Smartsite also offers multimedia solutions that can upgrade an existing infrastructure to provide information, advertising, security and entertainment for public spaces with streetlights that automatically adjust the lighting to illuminate the area with the specific amount of light needed. The digital display banners, and synchronized sound from integrated speakers on each “Smart” light pole, will provide a seamless audience experience as well as generate a measurable revenue stream.

“The SmartSite outdoor lighting management system is revolutionizing how we illuminate and communicate within our communities,” explained Frank P. Diassi, Chairman and Founder of Amerlux. “We are proud to unveil a wireless network and multimedia platform that fully integrates performance based lighting designed to yield significant energy savings, as well as enhance public safety, security and communications.”

SmartSite utilizes the area’s existing power supply and can simply replace the existing streetlights with a fully featured system with energy efficient LEDs that save money and maintenance. Existing metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures can be replaced in just minutes, with LED luminaires that can for years, with options on the pole to make it “Smart.”

“SmartSite helps extend luminaire life by 50 percent more than industry standards and saves an additional 25 percent in energy costs.” says Chuck Campagna, CEO and President of Amerlux. “Longlasting LED luminaires can be flexibly programmed to solve the changing nightly needs of an outdoor lighting system. Robust lighting is delivered during peak usage while lighting usage and costs are reduced when vehicular and pedestrian traffic subsides.”

Designed with an LED module and a patented built-in speaker, each streetlight features a unique duo-band radio system and miniature computer with data storage capacity. Streetlight processors communicate with each other through a wireless mesh network and monitor individual luminaire usage, energy costs, grid power and system integrity. If a fixture is experiencing a problem, the other streetlights will continue to operate according to programming.

Utilizing breakthrough technology in urban media design, streetlight processors can store and analyze data including soundtracks, announcements, commercials, and video files, as well as offering a patented full range speaker system. With built-in brains, the streetlight retains playlists similar to an IPOD; it receives and sends commands, downloads and stores information. For example, music is synchronized pole-to-pole, street-to-street, using an anatomical clock without echo or interference, to engage captive audiences.

To generate a significant revenue stream while building business for community shopkeepers and national brands, including the prevention of “night flight” by retaining commuters in cities, SmartSite offers two-sided digital LED street banners that offer an extremely economical means for achieving timely advertising messages for downtown fairs, festivals, and events at theaters and stadiums. The digital LED banner and media system assists consumers with parking directions, and is a key component to maximizing civic awareness of re-routing for parades, and road maintenance and construction. An optional seamlessly integrated media system offers a wide range of public communications for bus stops, rail stations, people-movers, airports, etc.

SmartSite luminaires can be equipped with a variety of cameras and sensors to ensure real-time 24/7-security coverage. The sensors detect a variety of threats that enable rapid response from emergency personnel or help prevent crime and gain control of the streets. Using LED technology, the luminaires provide consistent light dispersal, backed by a centralized remote control of lighting, signage and audio messaging that allow pedestrians to be ushered quickly and safety to the nearest route during storm warnings, events or emergencies.

The system also links into the Amber Alert Center, the emergency response system that disseminates information about missing persons, usually children, and enlists the public’s help to find them and catch their abductors.

“SmartSite breathes life back into downtown cities and main street villages with an intelligent and comprehensive lighting and media based wireless network,” added Mr. Campagna. “A multitude of opportunities are available to generate business while reducing energy costs for your organization and community.”

About Amerlux LLC

Amerlux speaks the language of light for design and construction professionals around the world by manufacturing a broad array of optically superior, energy efficient lighting solutions for the retail, supermarket, hospitality, commercial and outdoor lighting markets. Amerlux products and services include track lighting, recessed downlighting and multiples, pendants, linear fluorescents, and custom lighting systems, as well as support for energy reduction plans that can be used as a guide to state, city and local utility rebate programs for maximum energy savings and utility incentives. The company’s domestic and international clients receive the support of Amerlux’s highly trained specification sales force, as well as expert service from initial design to on-time delivery made possible by strategically located manufacturing, warehousing and shipping locations.

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