Related Content Database, Inc. Integrates Automatic Content Recognition Technology From Zeitera


SAN FRANCISCO ---- Related Content Database, Inc. (RCDb), the leader in related content syndication, today announced that it has pre-integrated automatic content recognition (ACR) technology from Zeitera into its Watchwith Delivery Platform™. RCDb’s Watchwith Delivery Platform enhances the film and television experience with rich, time-based metadata powered by the Related Content Database™.

By integrating ACR technology from Zeitera, RCDb extends its lead in providing content owners and application developers with a platform to create sync-to-broadcast and second screen companion app user experiences. With this capability pre-integrated into the Watchwith Delivery Platform, application developers can easily identify the specific context of what a user is watching, and then unlock a parallel universe of scene-by-scene and frame-by-frame content powered by the Related Content Database.

“Automatically identifying what the viewer is watching and the specific moment in the program is the starting point for a more engaging user experience and a game changer for consumer electronics,” said Zane Vella, chief executive of RCDb. “These integrations provide our customers with development acceleration and the business flexibility they need to create profitable, differentiated viewer experiences and build customer engagement across multiple-screens.”

“RCDb’s Watchwith Platform SDKs and reference applications instantly have developers up and running with our service,” said Dan Eakins, CEO of Zeitera. “This integration expands the pool of Zeitera developers and also provides them complimentary time-based related content and web services necessary to create valuable new consumer experiences around film and television programming.”

“Major content owners use RCDb’s Watchwith Delivery Platform to syndicate original program enhancements across a variety of screens so integration with RCDb means shorter time to market for Zeitera,” continued Eakins.

About Related Content Database, Inc.

RCDb, the leader in related content syndication, unlocks value for the entertainment industry by transforming how people experience video. RCDb’s Watchwith Delivery Platform enables content creators to realize new value through enhanced offerings made possible by the rapid deployment of interactive video content and services to managed network set-top boxes, connected TVs, game consoles and Blu-ray™ discs and players. Media owners and service providers gain valuable new viewer experiences. Driven by the Related Content Database™ of frame-level metadata, RCDb enables monetization of film and television shows across multiple consumer touch points. Motorola Mobility, Inc., and Sony are strategic investors in the company. RCDb has offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

About Zeitera

Zeitera is a Silicon Valley startup located in Mountain View, CA. Backed by experienced technology investors with successful track records in building technology companies, Zeitera is leading the emerging market for intelligent content recognition solutions across the broadcast, Internet, and consumer electronics ecosystem. Zeitera has a senior team of computer vision, image processing, data-mining, and search experts with experience building large-scale systems at successful start-ups as well as established technology companies such as Sony, Samsung, Audible Magic, AOL, Google, IBM, Broadcom, and Nokia.

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