Evidon Encompass - The First Solution To Connect Cookie Compliance, Website Performance and Data Security - Launches In The UK and EU


LONDON ---- Evidon, the world leader in empowering consumers and businesses to see, understand and control data online, today announced the launch of its unique compliance and website hygiene solution, Evidon Encompass. The solution enables businesses to comply with the ePrivacy Directive, while making their websites more scalable, secure and competitive.

Evidon Encompass, powered by Ghostery®, empowers businesses to take control of their websites by giving them the most comprehensive view of all of the cookies and other tracking activity across their domains, the disclosure of which is required by the ePrivacy Directive. Evidon Encompass provides detail on the nature of each tracker, how it affects the site and how intrusive it is to consumers.

Evidon Encompass overcomes the limitations of typical cookie scanning technology to deliver this comprehensive visibility because of two, proprietary service components. The first is a detailed library of more than 800 profiles of companies that collect and use data in any way. The second is Evidon’s worldwide, 300,000-member Ghostery panel, which can see web pages and tracking code that scanners miss. Evidon Encompass detects trackers and tags that slow page loading time, which can damage conversion rates, SEO and user engagement levels. This is essential because much online tracking, while not utilising cookies, still has a significant impact on website performance and is required to be disclosed by the ePrivacy Directive. The solution also enables website owners to go even further and benchmark their site performance against their peer group relative to the amount of and types of tracking on their sites.

Evidon Founder and CEO, Scott Meyer, said: “Evidon Encompass creates an essential link between privacy, performance and security that companies are looking for. By combining our large and growing Ghostery panel with our comprehensive company library, Encompass sees the essential tracker data that cookie scanning and other solutions miss, which companies need to see in order to comply with the ePrivacy Directive and to improve their website performance and security. We’re able to combine our unmatched detection capabilities to enable companies to decide how intrusive each tracker is, and to decide which trackers are good for their business. Evidon Encompass is a tremendous, unique opportunity for businesses to address critical security issues while building up their brand and improving results around the world.”

While the solution was only first made available six weeks ago, over a dozen major global brands are already using Evidon Encompass to assess their site hygiene.

In addition, Evidon’s InForm service is serving several hundred million privacy notices in ads every day using the AdChoices icon in the EU to assist leading advertising networks, demand side platforms and advertising agencies in complying with the ePrivacy Directive.


Evidon empowers consumers and businesses to see, understand and control data online.

With insights fueled by its Ghostery browser extension and rich, 800+ company privacy database, Evidon enables businesses to assess the cookies and other tracking activity on their websites, helping them to protect their audience data and improve performance.

As the first and largest dedicated provider of privacy and compliance solutions for digital media, Evidon also enables leading brands, agencies, publishers, advertising networks and others to comply easily with privacy laws and self-regulatory programs across North America and Europe. Evidon serves over a billion “Ad Choices” notices daily on behalf of these businesses—in the U.S. and in local languages across Europe—giving consumers transparency into and control over how their information is used online.

By protecting themselves and empowering consumers, businesses build their brands and improve results.

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