Texas Memory Systems Partners With NEVEX Virtual Technologies To Develop ‘The World’s Fastest Cache


HOUSTON ---- Texas Memory Systems, Inc., provider of The World's Fastest Storage®, announced today that it is working with NEVEX Virtual Technologies, a Toronto-based developer of application optimized caching solutions. The two companies are partnering to develop joint solutions that will supercharge the performance of VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual applications implemented on TMS’ Flash-based SSD storage devices.

Leveraging NEVEX’s CacheWorks technology to optimize the specific application performance and utilization of the Flash-based SSDs in RamSan® storage products provides critical application acceleration and allows users to make even better use of existing storage capacity.

NEVEX CacheWorks is a file-based cache integrated with the Microsoft Windows Server® operating system; it provides users with unique control over the Windows memory cache to create a multi-level caching solution. CacheWorks can be installed on physical and virtual servers using a Flash-based SSD to intelligently cache active application data. As a result I/O-bound Windows applications such as databases, business intelligence, mail servers, and transactional web servers run up to 5X faster because they are not constrained by the slower speed of hard disk storage or latency to backend storage.

Texas Memory Systems offers the broadest line of SSD products in the industry and includes the only 1U SSD, the RamSan-810 eMLC system, and the RamSan-70 “Gorilla” PCIe card, which provides 900 GB capacity.

According to NEVEX CEO, Steven Lamb, “Our testing of the RamSan-70 clearly showed why TMS has earned the title of ‘The World’s Fastest Storage®’. We were extremely impressed by its speed, scalability, and ease of installation, and are pleased to be partnering with a company that has always set the bar high for SSD performance. With our NEVEX caching software, users will have an unbeatable solution. ”

“It makes perfect sense for NEVEX to work with The World’s Fastest Storage to provide The World’s Fastest Cache,” said Dan Scheel, President of Texas Memory Systems. “By combining our high-bandwidth, low-latency enterprise data storage systems with NEVEX’s application optimization cache software, we provide I/O acceleration for virtualized applications that blows the others out of the water. We are pleased to add NEVEX to our roster of partners to help bring an even better user experience to our customers.”

About Texas Memory Systems

Texas Memory Systems designs and builds solid state storage systems that accelerate demanding enterprise applications. Its award-winning RamSan product line, known as The World’s Fastest Storage®, has continually delivered fast, reliable, and economical solutions to a broad range of enterprise and government clients around the world. Since its founding in 1978, all product design and manufacturing have taken place at Texas Memory Systems facilities in Houston, Texas, allowing Texas Memory Systems to meet the highest standards of engineering excellence and product quality.

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