VeNA Secures Exclusive Asia Pacific License For VideoHub Technology Platform


NEW YORK ---- Premium video and entertainment advertising network VeNA has secured an exclusive Asia Pacific license from VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video. The partnership will connect the VeNA premium pre-roll inventory business with VideoHub for Advertiser’s world-class brand video analytics and brand safety technology.

The new deal will allow VeNA to offer its advertisers a view across the complex online video ecosystem and a unique perspective into how their video ads perform. In addition, VeNA and its advertiser partners will now be able to dynamically match ads with content and viewers, delivering superior targeting and performance while increasing brand impact.

“As growth in the online video market accelerates, advertisers and agencies’ questions around real time effectiveness will continue to surface,” said James Zipeure, VeNA’s Chief Operating Officer. “We must have answers if we expect video to support major TV ad buys.”

He added, “As we have seen in the U.S. the VideoHub technology will take the guess work out of the equation and fast track the shift in buying patterns through real-time analytics and deep transparency across a multitude of video metrics.”

“It’s important for advertisers to have 100 percent transparency into what’s driving their video ad performance,” said Anthony Risicato, GM of VideoHub. “This is particularly important for international advertisers and networks, whose reach often extends to multiple countries. VideoHub illuminates which regions, campaigns or creative units are the most effective, and helps advertisers optimize accordingly. There is simply no practical way to harness the art and science of video marketing without a sophisticated platform like VideoHub.”

The deal with VideoHub also means VeNA can provide its world-class brand-protection tool for advertisers. “We can now overlay video scanning and brand safety technology to all campaigns. Brand safety is a primary concern for advertisers and agencies,” said Zipeure. “The VideoHub technology gives our clients security for their campaigns by scanning not only the web content on the page, but also the video content to determine if the content is suitable for the campaign. If the match is not right, the sites are eliminated from selection. We can now give clients the confidence that all placements are now 100% brand safe for their products.”

In Australia, major concerns emerged last year when industry investigations discovered that some online campaigns were appearing in unsuitable internet environments such as porn sites.

“We must be in a position to guarantee the security of our clients’ online advertising dollars if we are expecting to see the medium grow to its full potential,” said Zipeure.

“The license agreement with Tremor Video for the VideoHub platform significantly raises the quality of our offering in the market,” he added. “We will be making the technology available also to international clients through plans we will announce in the near future.”

The new licensing will be effective as of March 1.

About VeNA

VeNA (Video and entertainment Network Asia) is one of the largest independent premium video and social-gaming advertising and technology networks across Asia Pacific. Our business is based on exclusive partnerships with publishers and platforms combined with the sharpest technology and creative solutions that enable us to deliver at scale a unique market position for agencies and clients.

About VideoHub

VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video, is a first of its kind analytics console that helps marketers and agencies monitor the complex video ecosystem to dynamically match ads with content and viewers, deliver upon marketing goals, and maximize brand impact. Unlike traditional video management platforms, VideoHub focuses on effectiveness and delivers real-time analytics for deep transparency across ads, content, viewers, and performance.

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