CyberLink Releases PhotoDirector 3, The Essential Software For Photographers Who Are Passionate about Their Hobby

TAIPEI, Taiwan ---- CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) today launched PhotoDirector 3, a new version of its innovative photography software. PhotoDirector 3 is designed to provide all the features photographers need to manage large batches of photos, adjust images to the best quality and showcase work in their own unique style, in a single application. Now featuring People Beautifying tools and a complete range of cutting edge processing features, PhotoDirector 3 not only enables customers to perfect every detail of scenery photos, but also create professional portraits.

PhotoDirector 3 introduces several new features, including precise editing tools that accurately remove objects, people or backgrounds from images as if they never existed and a complete set of tools to create professional portraits by smoothing out skin whitening teeth, removing wrinkles and much more. Additionally, PhotoDirector 3 provides new adjustment features, including curve-based levels, and is the only workflow application that allows the user to apply a complete range of adjustments to a targeted area of an image with a fine-tuned Adjustment Brush, Adjustment Selection tool and Gradient Mask, including intensifying the color or sharpening details, without touching the rest of the photo.

“PhotoDirector 3 enables photographers to master their digital workflow by providing an intuitive and comprehensive solution that funnels users’ passion for photography and turns it into perfect photos,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “The incredible response we saw for PhotoDirector Beta was extremely valuable to improving PhotoDirector 3 and we want to thank the more than 125,000 users who participated and helped develop the best tools for producing amazing photos.”

Key Features in PhotoDirector 3

A complete workflow solution which includes photo library management, non-destructive image enhancements, picture retouching and customized publishing;
Efficient importing and management features making it easier to render huge batches of RAW photos and effectively manage images via an easy to use library;
Precise editing tools that accurately remove objects, people or backgrounds from images as if they never existed;
A complete set of tools to create professional portraits by smoothing out skin tones, whitening teeth, removing wrinkles and more;
New adjustment features, including curve-based levels;
Fine-tuned Adjustment Brush, Adjustment Selection and Gradient Mask to apply a wide range of adjustments to a targeted area of an image; users can now intensify the color or sharpening details, without touching the rest of the photo;
Personalized publishing features which enable customers to showcase their photos with customized watermark and print layouts.

Product Availability

PhotoDirector 3 is available today and can be downloaded from the CyberLink online store, available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. CyberLink offers OEM versions to PC and CE manufacturing customers.

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