SeaChange and Avail-TVN To Demonstrate Multi-Screen Ad Targeting Ecosystem At The Cable Show


ACTON, Mass. & SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. ---- SeaChange International (Nasdaq: SEAC) and Avail-TVN, leaders in video advertising and digital media services, respectively, will use The Cable Show to demonstrate an ecosystem for targeted advertising in broadcast and on-demand streams viewed on TVs, PCs and tablets. Taking advantage of the SCTE 130 specification, the companies are enabling Avail-TVN provisioned content to have video-on-demand (VOD) ads inserted on-the-fly from the SeaChange Infusion™ advanced advertising platform. Their ecosystem will be seen in SeaChange’s booth 1933 and Avail-TVN’s booth ES-33.

The SeaChange and Avail-TVN joint solution applies SCTE 130 for communication between SeaChange’s Infusion Ad Decision Manger (ADM) and Infusion AdPulse Ad Decision Server (ADS) and Avail-TVN’s National Placement Opportunity Information System (POIS). When the ADM sees that a video stream has a marked break, it queries the POIS for information about stream type, ad break type and duration to then inserts the appropriate ad based on rules supplied in the POIS metadata. Avail-TVN prepares content for the placement including marking, authoring and managing information about the placement opportunity as part of its AAIM service, which includes the most robust metadata information to support virtually any video platform across TV, PC, tablet and phone.

“Together SeaChange and Avail-TVN have solved the business challenge to the dynamic advertising marketplace by coming at it from opposite ends and meeting in the middle with an ecosystem that allows content providers to fully monetize their content and operators to fully monetize their streams regardless of the end device,” said Aseem Bakshi, general manager, monetization, SeaChange.

“While the industry continues to talk about the promise of advanced advertising services, until now, it has been difficult to truly realize the revenue opportunities,” said Jim Riley, chief revenue officer, Avail-TVN. “Together, SeaChange and Avail-TVN are enabling true mid-roll dynamic advertising, allowing any content provider to realize new revenue streams from VOD content.”

SeaChange’s Infusion advanced advertising platform enables video operators to manage centralized ad operations and scale to 150,000 insertable channels and millions of ad assets as they migrate to consolidated regional and national advertising systems that are managed from increasingly web-centric and virtualized datacenters. Leveraging SCTE 130 and IAB VAST specifications, Infusion enables operators to determine which external ad servicing systems are sourced for dynamic placement decisions, while creating opportunities for cross-platform campaigns and leveraging Internet campaign management pricing for TV content.

Avail-TVN’s DAI content preparation services allow content providers to realize the promise of advanced advertising and monetize VOD assets. Building upon its Advanced Advertising Insertion and Marking service (AAIM), launched last year, Avail-TVN now provides mid-roll content marking and stream conditioning services as an enhancement to the encoding and editing workflow, allowing true DAI application at the edge and ensuring seamless playout. Avail-TVN has added Placement Opportunity Authoring and management capabilities, which allow placement opportunity business rules to be made available through a POIS interface, under SCTE 130 standards, or inserted into the content metadata in accordance with CableLabs specifications.

About Avail-TVN

Avail-TVN is the largest independent provider of digital video services in North America. Working with both service providers and content owners, Avail-TVN is focused on providing its global customer base solutions that simplify content management and distribution, and enable the monetization of content. The company applies its managed service approach, powered by proprietary technology, to the areas of video-on-demand, linear content delivery, TV Everywhere, advanced advertising and data services.

About SeaChange International

Ranked among the top 250 software companies in the world, SeaChange International (Nasdaq: SEAC) enables transformative multi-screen video services through an open, cloud-based, intelligent software platform trusted by cable, IPTV and mobile operators globally. Personalized and fully monetized video experiences anytime on any device, in the home and everywhere, are the product of the Company’s superior back office, advertising, content and in-home offerings.

SeaChange’s hundreds of customers are many of the world’s most powerful media brands including all major cable operators in the Americas and Europe, and the largest telecom companies in the world. Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, SeaChange is TL 9000 certified and has product development, support and sales offices around the world.

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