The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Issues Fundamental Patent On Compressive Sensing Camera Design


AUSTIN, Texas ---- The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent 8,199,244 to Rice University. Patent 8,199,244 describes the basic architecture and design of a Compressive Sensing Camera, including the combination of a spatial light modular, a measurement basis, a single or small number of detector diodes, an analog-to-digital convertor and a reconstruction algorithm.

InView has an exclusive license from Rice University to apply patent 8,199,244 to imaging and hyperspectral imaging for wavelengths of ultraviolet, visual, infrared, and terahertz.

Bob Bridge, CEO of InView, said, “InView is pleased that the foundational invention of Compressive Sensing Imaging by Dr. Richard Baraniuk and Dr. Kevin Kelly of Rice University has been recognized. They built their breakthrough camera inventions on top of basic mathematical concepts previously developed, and were the first to demonstrate the application of compressive sampling theory to the design of imagers and cameras.”

Bridge went on to say, “InView has defined additional application-focused IP that surrounds the basic inventions from Rice with detailed Compressive Sensing imaging implementation concepts. The combined patent portfolio benefits from a first-mover advantage, with first-mover research IP from Rice and first-mover development IP from InView.”

Compressive Sensing Imaging allows cost-effective, high-resolution cameras to be built using a much smaller number of photodiode detectors than is required in a conventional camera. InView is initially using Compressive Sensing to introduce a family of low-cost, high-resolution Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) cameras. InView will additionally be applying the technology to deliver high-performance, cost-effective cameras in additional wavebands and to deliver hyperspectral imagers. Compressive Sensing shortwave infrared cameras are well suited for security, surveillance and maritime navigation applications because of their unique ability to see through impairments such as fog, haze, smoke and dust.

Patent 8,199,244 claims priority to the provisional filing date of April 2005.

InView Technology Corporation,, was incorporated in 2009 to commercialize the Compressive Sensing Imaging technology developed at Rice University. InView is located in Austin, Texas, and has received funding from a variety of venture capital, industrial and governmental sources.

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