At IBC, Aframe Shows Why Cloud Computing Is The Future Of Video Production


LONDON AND BOSTON ---- Aframe, the cloud video production platform designed to liberate the professional video production process, is showcasing the power of cloud computing to revamp the professional video workflow at IBC in Amsterdam starting tomorrow, Friday September 7.

In partnership with Panasonic, Aframe is demonstrating a novel cloud-enabled workflow using Panasonic’s new AG-HPX600 camera recorder, on display in Hall 9 stand C45. Panasonic P2HD users capture their footage, create an AVC proxy version of it, and send it to Aframe’s secure private cloud network. There, approved collaborators can access everything, anywhere and get right to work searching, sharing, storing and collaborating. Alternately, the camera team and the producers can simply store the footage there for later access and refinement.

IBC attendees can watch how fast a project moves from camera to cloud to Aframe’s platform, and how unique Aframe features speed up the workflow and put the creative back in control.

In Aframe’s own booth in Hall 7, Stand K39, IBC attendees can experience the production office of the future - a recreation of a real life garden, complete with grass, plants, flowers and even a gnome. The boothstand depicts the way Aframe users work efficiently from anywhere their footage is shot – organizing content from somewhere else in the world, then sharing it with others, knowing that everything is completely secure.

At IBC Aframe will also showcase its new video uploader that’s 15x faster than common cloud storage platforms; its new security options; and projects done for the BBC, MTV, Blink Films and more that typify the efficiency now made possible.

“Cloud computing continues to create a revolution in the way content is created, and not surprisingly Aframe has gained major traction in the past 4 months since we launched in the US and further expanded our networks there and in the UK,” said David Peto, CEO of Aframe. “At IBC we’ll showcase the ways we saved time and money for some high-profile projects and preview some reasons why the best is yet to come.”

About Aframe

Aframe is a web-based service designed to liberate the video production industry by providing a shared, secure space for production companies, broadcasters, marketing agencies, and any business or individual working with the moving image. Using Aframe, producers can plan, create content, collaborate, store, edit, distribute and make footage searchable. Aframe aims to take the blood, sweat and tears out of content creation, without needing equipment or full-time staff, and only requiring an internet connection.

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