PCTEL Security Technology Offers New, Behavioral Approach Fo Mobile Device Management For BYOD, Defense Applications


BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. ---- PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCTI), a leader in simplifying wireless and site solutions for private and public networks, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published the first of three of PCTEL patent applications -- “Systems and Methods for Enhanced Security in Wireless Communications” -- which describes an innovative approach to mobile device security and policy management that eliminates the bothersome need to continually search, identify, and block new viruses and malware. This invention, along with two others submitted to the USPTO, underlie the company’s ProsettaCore™ security solution.

PCTEL ’s ProsettaCore™ security invention, as described in its patent application, offers an alternative behavioral approach to security, in which a business or governmental organization establishes security standards and then monitors mobile devices to ensure malware is not violating those standards. This new behavioral approach relies on the interaction between an enterprise-owned and operated policy server and a compact software device that resides on the smart phone. The software device monitors, reports, and takes immediate action if, for example, foreign malware attempts to turn on the microphone, take photos, steal contact files and emails or track the GPS history of a smart phone.

This simpler behavioral approach to mobile security is an effective option compared to the taxonomic approach of identifying and sorting through millions of viruses that change daily. ProsettaCore simply defines security policies and enforces them.

“We invented ProsettaCore to address the needs of the top secret community,” said Marty Singer, Chairman and CEO, PCTEL. “We have developed a broad capability – that may have other applications - to monitor the security and behavior of a mobile device. Our solution and the underlying technology captured in our patent applications allow organizations to take advantage of the sophistication and efficiencies of commercially available products while ensuring secure communications associated with their enterprise,” added Singer.

The ProsettaCore architecture and invention allows for multi-mode use of one device for personal and secure business, government and military environments. As enterprises continue to adopt the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment, the ability to ensure secure communications on employee-owned, commercially-available phones will become increasingly important for financial, health care, defense and other vertical markets.

The ProsettaCore Software Developer’s Kit was released a month ago and can be incorporated into any device operating on Google’s Android operating system. PCTEL is now working on a new version of the software that can be downloaded and flashed onto open and unlocked Android devices such as the Nexus product portfolio.


PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI), develops antenna, scanning receiver, and engineered site solutions for public and private networks. The company's SeeGull® scanning receivers, SeeHawk® visualization tool, and Clarify® system measure and analyze wireless signals for efficient cellular network planning, deployment, and optimization. PCTEL develops and supports scanning receivers for LTE, TD-LTE, EVDO, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM, and WiMAX networks.

PCTEL's MAXRAD®, Bluewave™ and Wi-Sys™ antenna solutions address private network, public safety, and government applications. PCTEL develops and delivers high-value YAGI, Land Mobile Radio, WiFi, GPS, In-Tunnel, Subway, and broadband antennas (parabolic and flat panel). The company's vertical markets include SCADA, Health Care, Smart Grid, Precision Agriculture, Indoor Wireless, Telemetry, Off-loading, and Wireless Backhaul. PCTEL Connected Solutions™ designs and delivers Site Solutions for private and public wireless, data, and communication applications. PCTEL Connected Solutions™ utilizes specialized towers, enclosures, fiber optic panels, fiber jumper cables and a wide array of its TowerWorx™ and TelWorx™ products to deliver engineered site solutions. PCTEL Secure focuses on Android mobile platform security. PCTEL's products are sold worldwide through direct and indirect channels.

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