IBERIABANK Chooses Online Banking Solutions For Upgrades To Business E-Banking, Mobile Banking and Security Platforms


ATLANTA ---- Online Banking Solutions (OBS) announced today that IBERIABANK, headquartered in Lafayette, LA, has chosen to upgrade its commercial online banking systems with three products from OBS:

Messenger Financial Center (business e-banking platform)
Messenger Mobile Banking (mobile business banking), and
M-Secure Banking services.

Implementation of the new systems at IBERIABANK has already begun and is expected to roll out in 2013, explained Joseph Spatarella, chief marketing officer at OBS.

IBERIABANK has a total of 269 combined offices in 12 states and $12.1 billion in assets. According to Mark Feagin, senior vice president and Director of Treasury Management, IBERIABANK’s rapid growth over the past several years warrants a need for enhanced online banking solutions. The bank picked OBS over approximately 5 other vendors in its quest to improve service capabilities and responsiveness to commercial customers, particularly in the areas of information reporting and regulatory compliance.

“With our rapid growth in business banking, we needed to upgrade our capacity to deliver some of the classical pieces of reporting that the commercial client wants and needs. They require features like the ability to generate ad hoc reports and export the information in a variety of ways, as well as static reporting and provision of full details about controlled disbursement,” said Feagin.

Feagin added that M-Secure Banking Services will be particularly helpful to the bank’s efforts to meet government regulators’ ever-increasing demands for safeguarding customer funds and personal information.

“Banks are responsible for protecting their clients. OBS came to us with a holistic solution that addresses the security issues that all banks face,” he said, adding further that “The OBS approach is also a good cultural fit for us. They have demonstrated the depth and experience of their company. We feel confident that they are the right partner for us going forward as we continue to grow.”

Spatarella pointed out that the OBS interface with JHA jXchange, a Web-based services-oriented architecture offered by Jack Henry and Associates, will make for a smooth and speedy transition to the new system.

“OBS became a member of the JHA jXchange Vendor Integration program earlier this year. This allows us to implement our services more efficiently, meet time-to-market objectives, and minimize cost and resource requirements for our clients,” he said.

About IBERIABANK Corporation

Established in 1887, IBERIABANK's predecessors started the Company with one branch in New Iberia, Louisiana. Today at $12.1 billion in assets and over 2,500 associates, IBERIABANK Corporation is a financial holding company with 269 combined offices in 12 states.

About Online Banking Solutions

Online Banking Solutions was founded in 2002 by a management team that pioneered Web cash management and business banking technology. Privately held and profitable, OBS provides contemporary e-banking products including multi-channeled reporting, transaction, and file delivery services. Its clients include commercial banks, 11 of the top 100 U.S. commercial bank holding companies, community banks, and credit unions. OBS offers financial institutions the benefits of a large-scale technology provider coupled with the tenacity and customer-driven service of a small, aggressive entrepreneurial organization.

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