The German Stock Exchange Chooses cPacket To Monitor High Speed Trading Networks


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. ---- The German Stock Exchange has chosen cPacket Networks to expand its network monitoring infrastructure for new high speed 10 gigabit links to Eurex derivative market and XETRA electronic trading system. cPacket is the leading provider of systems for Pervasive Network Intelligence™, which are also key to monitoring high speed trading platforms to ensure high reliability and optimal performance.

In early 2012, the German Stock Exchange successfully instrumented its new network infrastructure with cPacket’s CVU320G monitoring switches. These devices enable distributed latency monitoring and general traffic visibility and help to provide accurate performance analysis of critical data flows and transactions to the operations teams and customers.

According to cPacket founder and CEO, Rony Kay, “For high speed trading, it is critical to ensure reliability and optimal performance and validate that all users have consistent level of service. That was our goal in working with the German Stock Exchange.”

Kay further explained, unlike other network devices, the CVU 320G smart traffic monitoring switches deliver real time performance reporting combined with highly accurate time stamping immediately at the physical input ports. Each cPacket device synchronizes multiple hardware time-stamping engines to a global timing source, like a GPS or an atomic clock. This means that delay measurements are highly accurate under any traffic conditions. In addition, cPacket's CVU devices can filter any specific traffic profile by complete inspection of every bit in every packet and perform pattern search anywhere in the content. The CVU devices also provide traffic aggregation, replication, cluster balancing, reporting, and built-in diagnostics.

According to the senior decision-maker at the German Stock Exchange, the cPacket solution met all expectations. Jos Root, head of NETCOR, cPacket’s German partner, elaborated: “The ease-of use, simple configuration, filtering flexibility, and high-precision time stamping were crucial decision factors for the German Stock Exchange and enabled the project success.”

“The German Stock Exchange is one of the most sophisticated trading networks in the world,” said cPacket’s Kay. “We are very pleased that our systems contribute to ensuring very high performance and high quality of service to the German Stock Exchange customers.”

About cPacket

cPacket Networks is the emerging leader in systems and technologies for Pervasive Network Intelligence. Utilizing its unique cPacket chip and software architecture, cPacket provides network monitoring and response solutions at a fraction of the complexity, power, and cost of preexisting approaches. The exploding use of 10 Gbps networks and beyond to support a relentless growth in media-centric applications, cloud applications, and data centers makes the availability of truly pervasive network intelligence timely and critical.

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