Janice Wendt Brings Education and Photo Community Expertise To Athentech Imaging


CALGARY, Alberta ---- Perfectly Clear® by Athentech Imaging, the leader in Intelligent Image Correction, announced that Janice Wendt, digital workflow expert and educator, will join the company as Director of Education. Ms. Wendt brings more than 30 years of photographic experience to Athentech, most notably as the education and training manager at Nik Software. Recognized as one of the industry's leading retouching and image enhancement artists, Ms. Wendt will continue to share her knowledge of post-processing and explain how adding Perfectly Clear to digital workflows will enhance photo quality and save valuable time in post-processing.

Janice is an expert in digital workflow processes and a great educator," explains Brad Malcolm, president, Athentech Imaging. "Her knowledge, guidance and relationships with leading industry photographers and educators will generate awareness for Perfectly Clear and help photographers maximize their workflow efforts."

"Automation is becoming a larger part of the digital image post production process and Perfectly Clear is the best solution I have seen to help photographers automate their workflow with amazing results," says Janice. "It can help photographers go from camera raw capture to automatic image processing with 12 corrections and is an enormous timesaver. I want to share this software solution with photographers and students to help them minimize the time they spend in post and maximize the time they have to shoot."

Aside from her 11 years at Nik Software, Janice spent 7 years as a product manager at Omega Satter, and has been a professional photographer for more than 15 years. She continues to shoot but her passion remains in the arena of training and education.

About Perfectly Clear®

Perfectly Clear is Intelligent Image Correction, licensed by companies around the world and currently correcting more than 20 million prints every day, and loved by more than 7 million mobile device users. It’s also available as a Photoshop or Lightroom Plug-in, and as an Android and iOS mobile app.

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