Fastback Networks Unveils New Class Of Intelligent Wireless Transport Devices Assuring Fiber Equivalent Performance For Small Cell Backhaul and Commercial Services


SAN JOSE, Calif. ---- Fastback Networks today unveiled the company’s first product offering, an entirely new class of intelligent wireless transport devices. Fastback’s products transform small cell backhaul with an industry first transport mechanism for wireless delivery of a wide range of services in both Line of Sight and completely Non Line of Sight conditions. The Fastback solution, currently in trials with Tier 1 mobile network and services operators, fuses advanced radio and data network technology to eliminate the technical barriers that have rendered backhaul a stumbling block to widespread deployment of small cell networks.

The Fastback breakthrough in throughput (500 Mbps with less than 500 microseconds latency), and the capability to sustain a high performance wireless connection across any line of sight conditions, provides fiber equivalent service assurance to any small cell site. The Fastback solution uniquely adapts to Line of Sight or complete Non Line of Sight conditions, a capability that Fastback has trademarked, Any Line of Sight™. For the first time, mobile network operators can deploy small cells in any location without line of sight or access to fiber constraints, and fiber network operators can assure delivery of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services over wireless to locations that previously could not be served.

“High capacity intelligent wireless transport is a pivotal element in the coming transformation of the mobile network as performance moves toward gigabit bandwidth, and demand emerges for Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service edge capability at any site,” said Kevin Duffy, CEO and Co-founder, Fastback Networks. “Capacity demanded of the next generation carrier infrastructure requires wireless transport capability be transformed to reliably deliver fiber equivalent performance anywhere.”

“The Fastback solution was built with radio technology developed specifically to deliver Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services in any radio line of sight conditions, including sustained high performance in both throughput and latency, over the air security, and packet-based 1588v2 timing and synchronization,” said Dr. Kevin Negus, CTO and Co-founder, Fastback Networks. “This new class of devices is an unprecedented and patented fusion of radio and data networking technology. The Fastback solution combines the world’s most advanced silicon for wireless infrastructure and Carrier Ethernet switching with our proprietary architecture, software, hardware and algorithms to meet the vastly changed requirements for transport in the rapidly emerging new mobile network.”

Backhaul Pivotal to Large Scale Small Cell Deployment

Mobile data usage is experiencing explosive growth, and small cells combine the capabilities of 4G/LTE and WiFi to dramatically increase the capacity of the network access edge. ABI Research forecasts growth to over three and a half million small cells shipped annually by 2018, and with the fastest growing portion of those small cells being 4G/LTE, there is a rapidly expanding demand for high capacity low latency small cell backhaul solutions.

“By marrying state-of-the-art high performance data networking with leading-edge radio design, Fastback Networks has succeeded in creating high capacity, carrier-grade backhaul solutions compatible with these large scale small cell deployments,” said Nick Marshall principal analyst, ABI Research.

Transformation of Small Cell Backhaul Focus at Mobile World Congress 2013

A Mobile World Congress 2013 Forum event, The Wireless GigE Service Edge: Backhaul Transformation for Small Cells and Beyond, Monday, February 25, 2013, Barcelona, will bring together mobile operators, mobile service providers, and equipment vendors to address the transformation of backhaul in the emerging 4G/LTE network, and the Fastback solution impact.

New Class of Outdoor Wireless Devices

The Fastback solution features ruggedized Carrier Ethernet switches, the Intelligent Backhaul Radio & the Intelligent Backhaul Controller, that work outdoors in any environment and deliver a breakthrough combination of the highest capacity wireless and networking capability. The solution works with existing network architectures connecting to the existing wire line networks at any point of presence. A Carrier Ethernet platform enables seamless extension of services to the access layer. A variety of P2P, MP2P, mesh, ring and daisy chain deployment topologies are supported. Features include Carrier Ethernet and MPLS transport, packet based timing support for 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet, NTE/UNI service demarcation functionality, transport security and SLA Assurance.

Any Line of Sight™ (AnyLOS™)

A key technical breakthrough, the sustained high performance throughput of the Fastback solution seamlessly adapts to perform consistently in any line of sight conditions including:

Non-Line of Sight: requiring radio waves to propagate around street corners and buildings
Near Line of Sight: working around obstacles such as trees and other objects
Line of Sight: similar to traditional point to point microwave at distances of a few kilometers

Freedom of Location for Mobile Network Operators

The Fastback solution fills the physical gap between the location of today’s fiber service edge and all the other locations where fiber is not present and yet high performance backhaul is required for small cell networks, such as in dense urban environments. The Fastback solution enables mobile network operators to deploy small cell access nodes anywhere customers require service. The new approach provides the flexibility and freedom to locate access devices for optimal utilization, lowering network operations costs, while achieving more cost-effective, high performance backhaul of small cell traffic.

AnyWhere Service Edge™ Enables New Services for Fiber Network Operators

The Fastback solution can be deployed to reliably deliver Carrier Ethernet (CE 2.0) services in NLOS conditions that today require access to the fiber service edge. Fastback has trademarked this capability the AnyWhere Service Edge™. With services enabled to any location reliably, attractive new business opportunities emerge for fiber network operators to extend commercial services from their fiber infrastructure to new customers. Tower network operators can deploy the Fastback solution to extend the reach of existing assets, and improve the capacity to reach new and existing customers. Fiber network operators and alternative access vendors can utilize the solution to offer high performance transport as a service, and to extend the reach of fiber to new locations where fiber cannot be deployed or lacks business case justification. This includes applications increasingly in demand such as run length mitigation, diversity connections, multi-tenant distribution, and local port multiplication.


General availability of the Fastback Networks solution is scheduled for early summer 2013.

About Fastback Networks

Fastback Networks was founded with a vision to deliver innovative technology for the mobile infrastructure of the future, enabling network operators to deliver new services, tap new markets and monetize a new generation of mobile applications. With insights derived from the collective team’s vast experience building leading edge radio and data networking solutions, Fastback Networks looked at the challenges of 4G/LTE deployment with fresh eyes and better ideas, and developed a transformational solution that enables the acceleration of next generation mobile services.

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