LiveData Collaboration With Massachusetts General Hospital Recognized As A 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. ---- IDG’s Computerworld Honors Program has announced Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), in a collaboration with LiveData, Inc., as a 2013 Laureate. The annual award program honors visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic, and educational change.

In designating nearly 30 healthcare-related companies as Laureates, the Computerworld Honors Program has underscored how important it is that information technology be used to address one of society’s most pressing needs: improving patient outcomes,” said Bethany Daily, senior administrative director, Perioperative Services, MGH. “Being recognized as a Laureate calls attention to the work of the entire clinician and technology team.”

MGH and LiveData engaged in a technological and clinical collaboration to develop patient-centric communication tools designed to promote teamwork, enhance operational efficiency, and support a culture of safety. MGH served as the domain experts for the project delivering clinical and workflow expertise. LiveData provided experience in real-time integration, data analysis, and visualization.

The project, MGH’s Perioperative Workflow Redesign, resulted in this year’s Computerworld Honors Program designation of MGH and LiveData as Laureates, in the Collaboration category. “The Perioperative Redesign Project is a perfect example of collaboration in pursuit of important healthcare goals,” said LiveData CEO Jeff Robbins. “It has been an honor to be a part of this team, working together to achieve advances in OR workflow and patient safety.”

In any operating room, massive quantities of data are produced and consumed as each patient is treated. The data passes through a variety of medical therapy and monitoring systems. These systems are silos of information and do not communicate with others. Monitoring the diverse systems and cognitively integrating critical information diverts care givers from patient care and can degrade patient safety.

The collaboration of MGH and LiveData has delivered:

Automated workflow processes supporting patient safety and workflow efficiency
Real-time interactive displays from OR devices and hospital information systems
Patient tracking and management systems throughout the OR
Clinical decision support strengthening best practices and patient safety initiatives
Measurement tools to track process improvement and clinical compliance

“Technology continues to play a pivotal role in transforming how business and society functions. For the past 25 years the Computerworld Honors Program has had the privilege of celebrating innovative IT achievements,” said John Amato, vice president & publisher, Computerworld. “Computerworld is honored to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the 2013 class of Laureates and to share their work. These projects demonstrate how IT can advance organizations' ability to compete, innovate, communicate and prosper.”

The Computerworld Honors Program awards will be presented at the Gala Evening and Awards Ceremony on June 3, 2013 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

About The Computerworld Honors Program

Founded by International Data Group (IDG) in 1988, The Computerworld Honors Program is governed by the not-for-profit Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation. Computerworld Honors is the longest running global program to honor individuals and organizations that use information technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change. Additional information about the program and a Global Archive of past Laureate case studies, as well as oral histories of Leadership Award recipients can be found at the Computerworld Honors website.

About LiveData

LiveData is a leading innovator in real-time data integration and display technology. The company’s solutions gather data from diverse sources, integrate the data with workflows, and present it as meaningful information on easy-to-read, graphic displays. Since 2006, leading medical institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, have been using LiveData to improve operating room safety and efficiency. Founded in 1991, LiveData is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

About Computerworld

Computerworld is the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers, providing peer perspective, IT leadership and business results. Computerworld’s award-winning website, bi-weekly publication, focused conference series, custom solutions and custom research forms the hub of the world’s largest (40+ edition) global IT media network and provides opportunities for IT solutions providers to engage this audience. Computerworld leads the industry with an online audience of over 3.5 million unique, monthly visitors (Omniture, August 2012) and was recognized as the Best Website by ASBPE and TABPI in 2012. Computerworld is published by IDG Enterprise, a subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s leading media, events and research company.

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