New Ustream Live Video Solutions Deliver Marketers Record-Breaking Audience Sizes and View Times


LOS ANGELES ---- Ustream, Inc., the leading technology platform for live social video streaming, will highlight its latest live video solutions in a keynote conversation today at Massive, Variety magazine’s annual advertising summit. David Thompson, Ustream’s chief marketing officer, and Andrew Wallenstein, editor-in-chief of Digital at Variety, will be discussing the opportunities for marketers to reach ever larger, and more targeted, online audiences using these new capabilities.

Since 2007, Ustream has enabled anyone or any organization to easily broadcast live over the Internet and share experiences in real-time. The company continues to lead the way with innovative new products that extend its reach. Earlier this year, Ustream released the Spring Edition of its live video service, Pro Broadcasting, equipping broadcasters with an enhanced suite of features, including the ability to assemble linear sequences of recorded videos to loop “as live” 24/7 at specified times, as well as the ability to build larger audiences through syndication. Using an IAB-compliant syndicated player, broadcasters are able to reach a targeted and qualified audience of any size, garnering insight from engagement metrics within the Ustream Analytics Console. Syndicated streams are embedded across relevant websites from Ustream’s network of tens and thousands of sites, boasting an aggregate of 300 million monthly viewers. Ustream-syndicated events have already yielded as high as 120x in viewership spikes and currently delivers 20x in viewership increases on average.

Both features can be used effectively as standalone or combined marketing tactics. Since it became available, Ustream customers and clients have experienced powerful results from the new technology, including:

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA)

SCEA was looking for an innovative and effective way to reach a targeted audience for their PlayStation 4 press announcement.
Results: Over 8 million viewers watched the event live, with a peak of 1 million concurrent viewers. The event was looped “as live” and garnered 16 million total views. The average view time for the event was 24 minutes, and over 30,000 Twitter and Facebook messages populated the Social Stream.

“The biggest benefit of Ustream is the amount of people that you’re able to touch and reach at one given time...when we announced PlayStation 4 we thought we’d maybe get a few people watching us, but we ended up with millions,” said Michael Brynteson, Executive Producer/Director at SCEA. See full video HERE

HOT97 FM - New York

Last weekend, HOT97 live video streamed their annual, one-day Summer Jam via Ustream for the 3rd year in a row. The goal was to reach an even bigger online audience than previous years, since this was Summer Jam’s 20th anniversary. The event was the “Super Bowl of Hip Hop,” with performances by WuTang Clan, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, French Montana and more, featuring surprise guest performance by Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross to name a few.
Results: Over 1 million viewers watched the concert online, as Ustream’s player was embedded across 40 premium Loud Digital music and entertainment sites, including,, and more; and on over 450 websites within Ustream’s Entertainment vertical of publishers. The average view time on Ustream’s HOT97 Live Channel was 71 minutes.

“HOT97 Summer Jam is the biggest and longest running Hip Hop concert in the world. It’s the 20th anniversary of Summer Jam this year, and we needed a platform partner we could trust to bring this culturally significant moment to a worldwide audience,” remarked Lin Dai, VP of Digital Programming and Entertainment for HOT97 and Loud Digital, “Ustream made it possible for us to share this experience with over 1 million Hip Hop fans worldwide that couldn’t be among the 50,000 fans in attendance at MetLife Stadium.”

“Marketers need a much more robust toolkit in order to reach their desired audience in today’s socially-fueled environment, and our platform enables any company to adopt a media-mindset. The power of ‘live’ combined with our rich media advertising units, has resulted in click-through rates 10x higher than the industry standard,” said David Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer of Ustream. “Ustream’s solutions empower broadcasters small and large to grab a massive audience and we’ve seen a significant spike in users -- 86% year-over-year -- as they are quickly capitalizing on the blurred lines between live content and video-on-demand, achieving impressive view times and audience sizes.”

About Ustream

Ustream is the leading technology platform for live social video streaming, powered by the company’s proprietary Ustream Cloud Platform. The company was founded in 2007 with a vision to bring live broadcasting technology to the entire world; Ustream was originally created to connect military service members to family members and friends across the world. Since then, the company has established itself as a socially-fueled communications platform for businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals of any size to easily reach an infinite audience and share experiences in real-time.

The core of the Ustream Cloud Platform centers around the company's proprietary Ustream Content Delivery Network (UCDN), Ustream Media Server (UMS) and Ustream TCP Congestion Control Algorithm (UTCP). Together, this advanced technology stack provides users with unmatched redundancy, resiliency, and reliability to broadcast quality live video streams. Ustream is a San Francisco-based company that has grown to more than 250 employees within their San Francisco, Los Angeles, Budapest, Tokyo, and Seoul offices. Company partners and customers include Dell, Sony, Georgetown University, Panasonic, Samsung, CBSi, and Viacom.

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