Devon IT Announces Acer Veriton N2110G Thin Client Receives Certification For VMware Horizon View and VMware PCoIP


KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. ---- Devon IT today announced the Acer Veriton N2110G thin client model embedded with Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS) is now VMware Horizon View and VMware PCoIP certified. VMware Horizon View accelerates desktop virtualization solutions and simplifies IT manageability and control while delivering a quality end-user experience. VMware certifications for thin clients are built on and tightly integrated with vSphere, the industry leading virtualization platform, allowing customers to extend the value of VMware.

The VMware Horizon View and PCoIP certifications for the Veriton N2110G exhibits the higher availability of virtual desktop solutions unsurpassed by traditional PCs, reducing the total cost of desktop ownership,” said Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT. “Thin clients as a desktop solution coupled with Horizon View, end-users can enjoy enhanced levels of productivity and the freedom to access desktops from more devices and locations while giving IT greater policy control.”

The Veriton N2110G is the most dynamic Acer thin client to date. Powered by a Dual Core AMD T56 processor, this thin client is ideally suited for power users in a VDI environment. With two Display Port outputs and a total of six USB ports, the Veriton N2110G can take on any remote desktop task your users require. Ideal for deployments where high end power capabilities are needed, the Veriton N2110G is a powerful and versatile addition with discrete graphics for high performance visuals combined with a low rate of power consumption.

“Devon IT continues to develop our thin client software technology for Acer thin clients to surpass the demands of customers looking for desktop virtualization solutions,” said Makoid. “We strive to advance in the virtual computing market space and with VMware Horizon View and PCoIP technology; the Acer Veriton N thin clients provide a fully certified virtual desktop solution for VMware customers.”

About Devon IT

Devon IT, Inc., is a leading information technology company that offers thin client software, hardware, and virtual desktop solutions. Devon IT's products offer users in various industries and environments greater IT security, enhanced manageability, improved reliability, and lower costs. Devon IT is also the creator of patent pending VDI Blaster™, a software suite that transforms PCs with hard drives into virtual desktops and the innovators of the SafeBook® thin client notebook. The company is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania with offices in London, Shanghai and Bangalore.

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