FuelFX Brings Revolutionary Augmented Reality Mobile Applications To Energy and High-Tech Industries For Training and Marketing


HOUSTON ---- Complex technology stories come to life as FuelFX, a Houston-based multimedia and interactive application firm, takes communications into the next dimension with animated, three-dimensional augmented reality graphics and connective media.

Augmented reality enhances the viewer’s current perception of reality by seamlessly integrating 3D objects, sounds, and information with the surrounding environment. Software installed on mobile devices leverages the camera viewfinder to see nearby objects and overlay augmented objects and information on the device screen, allowing the real world and virtual world to blend seamlessly.

“The result is almost magical,” said Oliver Diaz, founder and CEO of FuelFX. “Training manual illustrations pop off the page. Virtual instructors walk around a facility pointing out safety concerns. Complex refinery models display links to real-time pressure readings, and network servers show you how they should be cabled. Our augmented reality visualizations and interactive multimedia are becoming integral tools in improving industry efficiency, safety and training,” said Diaz.

The world’s largest oil, energy and high-tech companies—including BP, Dell and National Instruments—rely on FuelFX to provide realistic visualizations and 3D computer-generated graphics. FuelFX’s augmented reality technology takes “seeing is believing” to a whole new level.

“Right now the capabilities of augmented reality are in their infancy and barely scratch the surface of what is possible. We see augmented reality as the next major communication channel—the next TV. Your world will be your screen, with everything around you coming alive to teach, communicate and entertain you,” said Diaz.

With advances in personal heads-up display technology such as Google Glass, the already thin barrier between the real and the digital world will become even harder to define. By integrating the real world with the virtual, augmented reality anchors information when and where people need it—through visual displays that help with wayfinding, business intelligence and technical visualization.

Everyday objects become intelligent, and their surrounding environment becomes the viewer’s guide. For energy industry companies and the businesses that service them, this creates a wide range of exciting new learning and communication applications:

A refinery can be made “intelligent,” allowing visitors to look at a tank and access real-time information such as temperature, pressure, fluid capacity and location, and learn safety precautions.
A new offshore rig design can be shown as a portable table-top model, complete with support vessels and a deployment animation.
In any exploration or production operation, a virtual guide can walk viewers through safety procedures, pointing out dangerous areas and showing what protective equipment to wear.
Manufacturers of drilling and downhole tools can see inside a tool, and show how the internal components of their equipment work.
Crisis managers can access digital facility models linked to real-time safety and security software to better plan and mobilize response.

“At FuelFX, we work at the intersection of technology and creativity,” concluded Diaz. “Augmented reality is a medium that allows us to shape our perception of reality and provide a more complete understanding of our surroundings.”

FuelFX, LLC, is a 3D production design firm based in Houston, Texas, that provides cutting-edge, strategic, imaginative communication solutions to the energy industry and other technology-intensive business sectors. FuelFX also provides turnkey creative and strategic branding services as well as comprehensive instructional design services for computer-based training. FuelFX, Founder and CEO Oliver Diaz has teamed up with Co-founder of Wolf Publishing and video game pioneer, Stewart Weick, to create the first augmented reality board game under Nocturnal Media.

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