ArcSoft Enables Imaging Technology For Smartphones In Emerging Global Markets


FREMONT, Calif. ---- ArcSoft, the industry-leading software provider of imaging technologies and applications, today announced a major provider of chipsets for mobile devices will start shipping handsets, with the company’s advanced imaging technology embedded, to emerging global markets. ArcSoft technologies enable smartphone manufacturers in emerging markets worldwide to provide users with affordable devices equipped with the latest advancements in mobile imaging.

Emerging markets present a significant growth opportunity for cell phone manufacturers. Despite the global dominance of the iOS and Android platforms (which power more than 90% of the 228 million smartphones shipped in the last quarter of 2012 (IDC), there remains an adoption gap within emerging markets. In fact, Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers estimates that in late 2012 smartphones accounted for only 17% of the world’s mobile subscriptions. In larger emerging economies such as India, Indonesia and Russia the share is less than 10%. Recognizing this opportunity, cell phone manufacturers are now empowering handset providers in emerging markets with the ability to offer the latest advancements in consumer apps and smartphone technology, and tap into the high-volume demand for quality cost-effective components.

Several ArcSoft technologies are delivered in the chipset as part of the company’s ground-breaking CameraHawk® consumer application, which integrates multiple innovative features in one package so that consumers can enjoy a fun, creative, high-quality imaging experience right on their smartphone. Developed out of ArcSoft’s deep imaging science labs, key CameraHawk features include:

HDR imaging, which combines three photos with different exposure levels into a single eye-popping image;
Panorama VideoCapture, the ability to create 3D panoramic images from photos and video; and
Deep integration of chipset provider technologies such as facial processing library, Zero Shutter Lag, and Wavelet Noise Reduction

The resulting smartphones will be available in emerging markets across South America, Asia and Africa, and may also feature ArcSoft’s leading consumer app, Perfect365™ one-touch face enhancement.

“By working with mobile device chipset providers to provide consumers with the latest advancements in smartphone imaging technology at an affordable price, we are opening up entirely new opportunities for handset manufacturers worldwide,” said ArcSoft’s VP of Business Development, Sean Mao. “For over 18 years, ArcSoft has delivered innovative digital imaging to blue-chip OEMs. This announcement is yet another example of how we are able to work with leading chipset companies to build in our advanced technology optimized from the ground up. We are dedicated to expanding the ways in which people can incorporate smartphones into their daily lives and enhance their overall smartphone imaging experience.”

About ArcSoft

ArcSoft is the industry-leading software developer of multimedia technologies and applications across mobile, desktop, cloud and embedded platforms. The company has over 18 years of experience providing a full line of advanced imaging solutions for the world’s most popular smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, and digital cameras and cloud based enterprise solutions. Over 500 million mobile phones use ArcSoft technologies and two out of the top three digital camera brands incorporate our software. Our OEM customers include leading companies such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sharp, Sony and many others, while we also maintain partnerships with leading chip companies including Qualcomm. ArcSoft is the company behind “Smart Imaging” signifying actual device ‘thinking’ capability as in the 3D, human face, gesture and pattern, face, object and screen recognition technologies leading the way in the next phase of mobile development.

ArcSoft is building on its B2B experience and deep imaging science expertise to market an ever-expanding portfolio of consumer apps for smartphones and tablets, including Perfect365® one-touch photo enhancement, and ShowBiz™ easy video editing. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, with more than 1000 employees worldwide, ArcSoft also has regional commercial and development facilities in Europe and Asia, specifically Helsinki, Munich, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing.

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