AirWatch Accelerates Enterprise Mobility Deployments With Comprehensive Containerization Approach


ATLANTA ---- AirWatch®, the largest Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider, announces the AirWatch Workspace™, a secure containerized solution for all enterprise data including email, applications, content and browsing. The AirWatch Workspace, in conjunction with AirWatch EMM, provides organizations with the most advanced and flexible security solution in the industry. Organizations can now deploy MDM, containerization, or a hybrid model to meet the needs of all internal use cases as well as extended enterprise collaboration. Available on both iOS and Android, the Workspace incorporates single sign-on capabilities for all AirWatch applications and internal enterprise applications through AirWatch’s industry leading app wrapping and SDK modules.

The AirWatch platform equips IT organizations with a solution suite that they can easily tailor based on security requirements, end user needs and device ownership scenarios. Organizations can manage their mobile fleets with the AirWatch integrated EMM platform, AirWatch Workspace container, standalone application and content management or through a hybrid approach.

AirWatch Workspace creates a consistent end user experience across mobile platforms. Enterprises implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives can utilize Workspace to keep corporate data secure within applications, while allowing the user to maintain complete control of their personally-owned device. With single sign-on capabilities for EMM and Workspace deployments, organizations can offer a seamless user experience between managed applications, while controlling user access to those applications.

Enterprises can enable employees to view managed corporate applications with the dual persona view or with the unified view. With a dual persona view, corporate data and personal data are completely separated on the device. The end user can only access corporate resources such as email, apps, content and intranet browsing while logged into the secure workspace. With the unified view, users can see their corporate resources alongside their personal apps.

“We continue to create the most advanced solution set on the market to simplify enterprise mobility,” said John Marshall, president and CEO, AirWatch. “Workspace equips our customers with a powerful tool within our enterprise mobility framework to secure corporate applications and data without requiring full device management.”

About AirWatch

AirWatch is the world’s largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider with more than 8,000 customers and more than 1,400 global associates. The largest customer base, combined with the largest research and development team in the industry, allows AirWatch to provide the broadest functionality at the lowest cost. The AirWatch platform, featuring industry-leading mobile device management and application management, also incorporates the most secure content management solution, Secure Content Locker™. These solutions can be used stand-alone for unique BYOD requirements or as a comprehensive, highly scalable enterprise-grade mobility platform.

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