DHS Office Of The CIO Completes Successful Transition To Xacta IA Manager For Enterprise-Wide Compliance With Information Assurance Requirements


ASHBURN, Va. ---- The department of Homeland Security Office of the Chief Information Officer has completed its transition to Telos Corporation’s Xacta® IA Manager for enterprise-wide IA compliance. Xacta IA Manager has been deployed enterprise-wide to nearly one thousand systems throughout DHS, including all department components.

Telos’ cybersecurity professionals have completed a full migration of data from DHS legacy systems and operationalized the department’s implementation of the six-step NIST Risk Management Framework. DHS is using Xacta IA Manager for managing, monitoring and tracking authorizations to operate, plans of action and milestones, control assessments, and ongoing authorizations.

“Xacta IA Manager is going to bring great efficiency to the DHS Security Authorization Process,” remarked DHS Branch Chief for Technology Implementation Richard Johnson. “We have implemented common controls across the entire enterprise; this alone will save our ISSOs hours of duplicative work, allowing them to focus on reducing risk to the department.”

“Xacta IA Manager automates tasks associated with authorization to operate while providing much greater visibility into the process,” added Turner Kobayashi, vice president of Enterprise Solutions for Telos Corporation. “Managers, authorizing officials and executives are able to monitor progress and provide direction.”

The company will also use Xacta IA Manager to implement FedRAMP workflow and controls to assist DHS in complying with federal cloud security requirements.

Under the contract, Telos works as a subcontractor to ICS, Inc. Over one thousand users benefit from training and helpdesk support provided by Telos and ICS, Inc.

About Telos Corporation

Telos Corporation has provided innovative IT solutions and services to the federal government for more than 30 years, focusing since 1997 on cybersecurity. Telos solutions ensure that the government’s most security-conscious organizations comply with demanding federal and DoD information security mandates. Offerings include Xacta® IA Manager for enterprise IT security management, enterprise security consulting services, secure networks, secure enterprise messaging, and secure identity management solutions. Solutions are represented to the federal government on Telos’ GSA schedule.

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