Zettics Launches New Version Of Its Analytics Platform To Accelerate Data Monetization and Customer Care Improvements For Operators


CONCORD, Mass. ---- Zettics, the leader in big data analytics for operators, today launched version 8.0 of its flagship solution. Zettics 8.0 offers significant new functionality for privacy-compliant data monetization and customer care, enabling operators to accelerate their plans to drive new revenue opportunities and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Zettics analytics solutions uniquely capture a full 360 degree view of subscriber data usage across all protocols. The underlying Zettics Dynamic Learning™ technology provides a continuous update of websites, applications, and devices. The 8.0 release also expands the capability of Zettics Privacy Dial™, which allows operators to implement relevant privacy policies across a range of use cases.

Commenting on the launch, Asa Kalavade, CTO and SVP Products at Zettics said, “Global mobile data traffic increased 70% in 2012*. This growth is driving the opportunity for operators to monetize their information, but with an increasing amount of traffic now being SSL, this makes realizing this opportunity challenging. Meanwhile, the same growth in data usage is driving increased customer calls and costs to customer care organizations. In Zettics 8.0, we added specific new features to address these challenges. Operators can now monetize all their data even faster, while fully adhering to their privacy policies. At the same time, new features for care help reduce call length, call volume, and deliver a better customer experience around the usage of data services.”

With Zettics 8.0 operators will now be able to:

Monetize Data Activity

Zettics 8.0 offers new data monetization solutions that allow operators to offer packaged white-labeled web-based tools to 3rd party brands and advertisers, while complying with relevant privacy policies. These solutions include audience analysis of campaigns, in-depth analysis of content consumption patterns, and segmentation based on Zettics behavioral categories as well as 3rd party segmentation groups.

Enhance Customer Care Initiatives

Zettics 8.0 delivers key insights to help customer care organizations address the increased volume of calls they are getting regarding data usage. These can range from “how did I use so much data” to “I updated my apps and my battery life suddenly decreased.” Zettics can enable customers to answer these questions for themselves via carrier self-care tools and enable care reps to answer the questions using the same tools they use today.

These new features are available in Zettics’ standard platform giving operators a cost effective way to realize benefits across their entire organization.

About Zettics, Inc.

Zettics is the leader in big data analytics for operators, delivering immediate, actionable insights on subscriber behavior. These insights deliver a 360° understanding of data consumption, enabling operators to extract greater value from their networks, while fully complying with subscriber privacy policies. Operators that choose Zettics generate new revenues, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Zettics’ patented technology powers a suite of analytics solutions for data monetization, marketing, customer care, and network business units. Operators are already using Zettics to monetize data with third parties, enrich their CRM systems, identify network abuse, analyze pricing plans, enhance advertising offers, reduce churn, improve customer care, forecast usage growth, and more.

Zettics is deployed with leading operators in the world, processing trillions of records monthly. Zettics has offices worldwide and its investors include North Bridge Venture Partners, Voyager Capital, Steamboat Ventures, Emergence Capital, and Excelestar Ventures.

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