IONU Security Delivers A Radical New Approach To Personal Privacy, Data Security and Secure Cloud-Based File Sharing


CAMPBELL, Calif. ---- IONU Security Inc., today announced the initial release of their advanced security applications and its Transparent Security Platform. The combination of IONU’s Transparent Security™ platform, secure mobile applications and centralized administration tools enable individuals, organizations and large corporate enterprises to communicate and share information “invisibly”, experiencing levels of privacy, convenience and data security beyond anything available today.

The IONU Solution

The IONU solution is accessed through an easy-to-use, downloadable app that enables secure messaging, file sharing and user account management capabilities. The app is free and downloadable from the Apple and Google Play app stores. The first release of the IONU app unveils IONU’s InvisiMessageTM technology. InvisiMessage represents the first component of a full suite of personal privacy and data security capabilities to be delivered by IONU. InvisiMessage looks, feels and acts like a standard messaging tool, while providing levels of privacy and security previously unavailable.

With InvisiMessage individuals, organizations and companies can securely communicate more efficiently, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all their messages and critical information are being protected. Text messaging has been a standard means staying connected in people’s personal lives for some time now. It is also becoming more prevalent in the business world. In a recent industry report, Frost and Sullivan characterized text messaging as the "missing piece of the communications stack”.

InvisiMessage allows users to send and receive, truly secure, encrypted messages and attachments and synchronizes these messages across any number of a user’s secured computers or mobile devices. These devices can be any combination of Android, iOS, Windows or OS X devices. Additionally, users have the ability to control what happens when the recipient receives their message and attachment. Features such as Delivery and Read receipts, Vanish, Timed Vanish, Delete, Recall and Destroy give users insight and control over the lifespan of a message and its content. Real Time Audit Tracking and User Status Updates allow for increased personal and workforce efficiencies.

In addition, InvisiMessage lets you have all of your contacts in one place and stored securely. Individuals, organizations and large corporate enterprises can establish a set of secure contacts that is protected from being attacked by outside sources. For Example, the National Security Agency (NSA) who has been collecting millions of e-mail address books globally.

Mike Weir, Director of Marketing at IONU, stated, “the ability to protect people’s privacy and also ensure that their data is completely secure is something that appeals to both individuals and companies. And, the ways that we have made the security of our apps “transparent” makes them perfect for today’s connected, mobile workforce. As we talk to people, we keep hearing new ways that they envision using our apps…that is really exciting.”

IONU’s optional Security Management Console is a centralized administration tool that provides the ability for organizations to easily implement and administer policies. The Security Management Console also provides logging and reporting capabilities, system and user level analytics and the ability to customize certain security attributes at a user, group or global level. IONU’s Security Management Console supports centralized deployment, global user enablement and device administration and supports global policy deployment and enforcement.

Administration capabilities include user management, file access permissions, file use permissions, group creation and permissions, user device enablement, device enablement/disablement and deletion and account deletion. If a device is lost or stolen, the user can disable or delete it from their account. This leaves all of the messages and files on that device in a permanently encrypted state – making the need to wipe devices obsolete.

The next release of IONU app, scheduled for the spring of 2014, will add secure file sharing capabilities and secure file structures to mobile devices. IONU’s secure file sharing capabilities provide secure local device storage that can be augmented by IONU’s secure cloud storage. IONU will also be supporting 3rd party cloud storage. Initially, supporting Dropbox and Box. IONU’s Transparent SecurityTM Platform, upon which the IONU solution is built, allows files to be accessed and stored by employees, partners and patients in 3rd party storage offerings. This data is encrypted with keys that are protected and inaccessible outside of the IONU system, making the information truly secure, even if Dropbox was breached again.

The IONU Transparent Security Platform

IONU’s Transparent Security Platform was developed from “the ground up” to deliver industry-leading security, scalability and to make security transparent to the end user. This ground-breaking platform provides the advanced user authentication, key management, file-based encryption, data isolation, file access permissions, contact management and secure messaging and file sharing technology foundational to IONU Healthcare. These core technologies also represent the essential capabilities required to deliver a truly secure, complete integrated solution, versus the point solutions being used today.

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