Medical Informatics World Conference Debuts New Track On Information Security and Privacy


NEEDHAM, Mass. ---- Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) and Clinical Informatics News’ Medical Informatics World Conference today announced it will debut a new disciplinary track focused on information security and privacy. The new track, “Information Security and Privacy in Healthcare,” focuses on navigating the challenges presented by technology, remote access, HIPAA and the increased need for information sharing between patients, providers and payers. The second annual conference, a professional forum focused on the cross-industry connections and innovative solutions needed to take biomedical research and healthcare delivery to the next level, will be held at Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center April 28-29, 2014.

Today’s healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid evolution that creates challenges for organizations to maintain and protect personal health information (PHI). Due to the growth of electronic health records – both in number and in volume – new government regulations, and more complex technology – from smartphone access to the cloud – organizations need to focus more on how to ensure privacy and security of medical information. This has produced a growing need among organizations to ensure knowledgeable and credentialed security and privacy practitioners are in place to protect this sensitive information.

“After last year’s inaugural event, many of the attendees felt that with the ever-changing regulations around PHI and the rapid advancement of technologies, a track focusing on security and privacy should be added to the conference,” said Micah Lieberman, Executive Director of Conferences for CHI and Medical Informatics World. “In addition to this new track, we will again feature our core tracks that attracted attendees to the conference last year, which will explore provider-payer-pharma collaboration, coordinated patient care engagement and population health management.”

In addition to the new track on information security and privacy, other tracks being featured at Medical Informatics World include:

Provider-Payer-Pharma Cross-Industry Data Collaboration: Integrating real time data analysis into the economy of the health care ecosystem
Coordinated Patient Care Engagement and Empowerment: Connected health, remote monitoring, personalized medicine and analytics to improve outcomes
Population Health Management and Quality Improvement: Using technology and analytics to predict outcomes, target high-risk populations, increase compliance and control quality

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