Three of London’s most unusual museums to visit, before or after, ‘Tea Time’


This city of more than a million people offers tourists and history lovers an unusual look at some of the best attractions near hotels near Big Ben. You may see some unusual attractions if you do stay in hotels in Vauxhall. It is a city, where it is possible to find cheap London hotels near the only museum dedicated to fans. Did you know the Fan Museum, in Greenwich, has 3,500 fans? Most of its fans are antique fans, dating to the 11th century.

If you been once to see this collection of antique to modern fans, you may want to visit again. Every four months, the museum offers a new display and it has affordable tea on certain days. It is reason for tourists who stay in hotels near Big Ben, to want to try an English tradition in the afternoons.

London offers a bit of magic to guests and other surprises

No one can argue there is something magical about to recall your favourite toy from childhood. Visitors can see the six rooms and travel two winding staircases to see toys collected from the Victorian age. From teddy bears to tin soldiers, this collection began in the 1950s and it is for those who love toys.

Fancy a bit of tea after visiting this family-run museum near London’s budget? One of London’s cheap hotels, the Claridge’s on Brook and Mayfield, is where guests are served the finest teas. With 24 different pastries to wash down that spot of tea daily, there is no wrong way to eat a scone if you stay in hotels in Vauxhall.

London offers something unusual for all those that stay in hotels in Vauxhall and around

Who says you have to conform to liking the usual afternoon tea that is so popular on a London afternoon? The Ichi Sushi and Sashimi Bar is one of the few places in London, where the afternoon tea focuses on sushi. It is a great way for those who stay in cheap London hotels to celebrate teatime.
Do you love London’s rich history? Why don’t you see the Old Operating Theatre, in London, near hotels near Big Ben? Used to teach students at St. Thomas Hospital, it is a reminder of how skilled surgeons could perform amputation in minutes. Did you know they used primitive equipment?

London is one of the oldest cities and it has many old teashops near budget hotels in London. Do you fancy an unusual tea or want to visit one of Britain’s many museums? If you are looking for comfort, relaxation and an enjoyable stay at an upscale, budget hotel in Central London, then look no further than the Belgrave Hotel in Victoria. Offering you comfy, cosy bed and breakfast accommodations in a modern hotel setting, the Belgrave Hotel is a luxury experience at a cheap, budget-friendly price. And, the Belgrave Hotel is conveniently located so that you are never far from where you need to be on your London visit. For more about our services and accommodations, please visit

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