Ecosmob Announced Informative IVR Solution Development In Asterisk

Ecosmob Technologies has secured its place in the global market with its innovative solutions and services. The company has been operating for more than 7 years and serving its local and international clients. The headquarter of the company is situated at the next to be smart city of the India, namely, Ahmedabad of the state Gujarat. Recently, the spokesperson of the company has announced more details of one of their offerings. The spokesperson announced that they will offer the custom IVR software solution development services to share the information of the entity using this IVR system. Thus, the name of this IVR system is an Informative IVR solution. It is also known as a wiki IVR system because it works as Wikipedia for any organization using it for serving its consumers.

Ecosmob Technologies offers IVR software development services in Asterisk and FreeSWITCH technologies. However, as per the announcement made by the spokesperson of the company, the wiki IVR solution will be developed in the Asterisk technology. “Any Interactive Voice Response System can be developed by using either Asterisk or FreeSWITCH technology as the IVR is one of the modules offered by these technologies. We may develop the informative IVR solution in both of them based on the requirements of the client. The reason behind highlighting the Asterisk as a development technology for the informative IVR solution is that it is more suitable for this type of utility. We have been working in this industry for many years and based on our experience, we can say Asterisk is the most appropriate VoIP technology for this type of the IVR solution because the features, modules and other required capabilities by an informative IVR solution is available with Asterisk.”, stated the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies.

The informative IVR solution can be used to provide different types of information such as the history of the place, or benefits offered by a school to its students, or the awards won by an organization, or brief of the corporate company. There can be many more utilities of this type of IVR system. The core use is to provide the information to the caller by playing different voice prompts, which gets played based on the options selected by the client.

As per the announcement made by the spokesperson of the company, the informative IVR solution can have custom features based on the requirements of the client. The client can choose the features from the available list of features on their webpage, which is accessible here:

URL: http://

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