Ecosmob Announced SBC Solution Development For Enhanced VoIP Communication

For any business sector, data security is one of the main concerns, especially when it is related to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Yes, it is true that a firewall can provide security against data network traffic but what about the enterprise's communication network? Session Border Controller is the solution to it! SBC software makes sure that the enterprise works on secured remote servers with easy deployment and provision across multiple networks.

An Ahmedabad based IT company Ecosmob Technologies successfully delivers business solutions worldwide. The company takes care of data and communication security for their number of clients across the globe. According one of their spokespersons, Session Border Controller (SBC) software of Ecosmob offers a safe way to access the SIP signaling. While offering the cost effective SBC solution development, the company ensures that VoIP communication of their clients flows without any loophole or flaw.
According to the spokesperson, Ecosmob's SBC software is rich in features. Some of its features are listed as under:
· Protocol validation
· DTMF interworking
· Codec transcoding
· Flexible SIP header manipulation
· Carrier protocol inter working
· Topology and carrier hiding
· Signaling protocol inter working
· Configurable called/calling party address manipulation

"Our Session Border Controller software is easy to deploy and use. It sits over border of the network and check each packet individually. Our SBC solution ensures highest level of security. ", said the spokesperson. "Apart from this, when the outside support staff is trying to access the corporate network of the enterprise, SBC solution eliminates all kinds of possible risks", he added further.
While portraying the necessity of SBC solution for enterprises, the spokesperson enlisted a plenty of benefits of this solution:

· Simple deployment and easy to use
· Offers enhanced security
· Makes SIP trunk service deployment stronger
· Guarantees secure plus reliable communication
· Ensures regulatory compliances
· Provides distant communication security
· Eliminates the need of expensive infrastructure for the communication
· Secures remote workers and safeguards enterprise network workers
· Keeps communication network of the enterprise away from any type of risk
· Optimizes quality, efficiency and performance of the enterprise services
· Offers cost effective enterprise solution that suits all scaled businesses
According to that spokesperson of Ecosmob, their SBC solution safeguards the enterprise network borders along with securing the remote workers. Also, it enhances distant security for any staff and on any device. This can be carried out through enterprise collaboration techniques. Ecosmob provides cost effective SBC development solutions with business management features, high capacity and high performance servers.

"By allowing carriers to incorporate flexibility with vendors and new potential customers, our SBC software also intensifies the revenue opportunities for an enterprise. In a nutshell, our SBC solution makes communication much simpler and more secure," the person concluded.

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