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Easily makes forms for any website with live preview with necessary protection to protect auto filling by robots.

Bobbie    2016-12-26 08:26:31


Protect your software's illegal distribution by creating a hardware key in the usb mass storage drives using AntiDuplicate which is the #1 software of similar kind and boost your software business.

Jabari    2016-12-19 07:33:15


Synchronizes files on what I work as soon as I insert usb drives, no chance of data loss or getting corrupted.

Kerwin    2016-12-15 08:07:23


Creates quizzes for the students in the class for with option of selection answers from multiple choices and get the result instantly.

Zerin    2016-12-10 10:34:29

Lock USB

Most of the computer viruses spread using usb drives, so we need to secure the access of usb devices from unauthorized access, Lock USB is such program to complete protection of your computer.

Sujata    2016-12-04 08:46:46

Universal Document Converter

You can save any file as image or pdf file in just a click using this awesome document converter file. No need to take the screen shot and save it manually.

Nandi    2016-11-30 08:41:10

PDF Impress

Full featured and easy to use. Especially PDF profiles and watcher are very useful.

PeteC    2016-11-27 09:56:13


Every software you develop must have a help file attached with it's package and sometimes developers feel very annoyed to make CHM help file manually, to override this limitations HelpGear is the solution for them.

Gloria    2016-11-15 07:53:22


I run an online flower shop and my e-commerce site runs using ShopFactory which is very user friendly and I can easily upload product details with pictures. Visitors feel so comfortable shopping here.

Cherida    2016-11-12 08:33:48

Pivot Table

Helps you to generate good looking reports with Pivot Table using your csv or excel database.

Harsha    2016-11-07 08:28:11

PRTG Network Monitor

Scans networked computer and will notify you if any of the computer is down. Will log the up time and down time, analyzes the bandwidth usage.

Sandish    2016-11-03 07:18:07

Security Eye

You wont have to worry about your home while you are away once you have it installed in your PC, Security Eye will sense any motion and start recording automatically and notify you through sms/email.

Cinthacil    2016-10-29 08:47:42


Managing new projects by assigning jobs to the sub-ordinates and watch their work progress sometime become a nightmare for manager if they do not go for proper application where they can write, read and share with others about their project. MyTeamPlan is the perfect suite which they can use to finish their task on time.

Takisha    2016-10-24 08:27:53

The Creator for Mac

I have to make logos for web templates and tried so many software to easily accomplish my task but my experience after using 'The Creator' is just awesome, never thought a software can create a logo so easily.

Dagwood    2016-10-20 08:27:57

My Data Keeper

Handy password manager, different types of data - that's good! Enjoyed the first version, it is now moved to the second version.

Mark Villson    2016-10-16 11:36:38
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