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Blue Excel

I used to make Gantt Chart using other program but always wanted to do it in the Excel, this one is helping me to do that, I can color the bars according to my choice. I just love this addin.

Lyubomir    2016-05-25 09:06:25

Pop Art Studio

The program contains every necessary tool to apply effect on every separated layer to create amazing Pop Art. Many like me would love this for sure.

Hristofor    2016-05-19 08:49:33

USB Lock

Sometimes my pc receives viruses from memory stick that are inserted into USB, so I needed a protection against unauthorized access, I found this USB lock software which is really helpful for me to keep my computer safe.

Adanna    2016-05-15 09:03:15

FlexiHub for Mac

You can control usb device and port from any where- over the LAN as well as over the internet. Huge benefit for sharing files and devices instantly as if the device is attached to the computer where you are working. After accessing you will be able to remove the device remotely too.

Mirsada    2016-05-10 08:59:38

Folder Lock

I had suggested one of the features that they just implemented in this design (Translated versions) - You guys are really the best!

William smith    2016-05-05 06:31:39


This is an advanced Notepad with additional features like spelling check, bullet and numbering, indenting etc. which takes very less space compared to word processors.

Manque    2016-05-03 09:20:08

Terminal Service Plus

As an alternative of standard remote desktop service application Terminal Service Plus is a good one as it comes with some unique features like limiting the number of uses, controlling the user session etc.

Egemen    2016-04-30 08:32:26

Azure DEX

Using this software I can easily transfer files between local drive and cloud, I can also search and edit files directly from cloud. Additional file info can be added too.

María Isabel    2016-04-27 08:46:23

Quick File Locker

Secures my sensitive files containing personal pictures, videos and finance related information with latest encryption method and also adds passwords according to my choice. Can lock a folder and whole drive including portable one.

NewMoon    2016-04-23 09:03:54

Brainstorm Pro

Helps me to write articles by finding exact match phrase and synonyms, likewise my word knowledge is getting richer day by day. I am glad to have such instructive software.

Eduardo    2016-04-18 08:31:29

LoMag Warehouse Management

Awesome app! Really helpful for managing a warehouse, a lot of useful functions, just great!

Cris    2016-04-12 21:44:11

Tuxera NTFS for Mac

I had trouble with accessing NTFS formatted disks attached in my Mac, I was suggested by a service personal to install Tuxera NTFS to access those volume. It lets the NTFS partitions works like Mac disks which is really amazing.

Roberta    2016-04-07 08:55:53

Ezy Hotel Manager

After using it I was wondering why the guest house and b&b owners intend to purchase complicated hotel management software in a higher price where they can have a much better software like this 'Ezy Hotel Manager' at almost no cost!

Simons    2016-04-03 08:09:35


One of the best benchmark tool that I have come across, users can easily see the variation in different processes and usage of memory so that they can take necessary actions.

Ramashre    2016-03-29 08:41:10

Periscope Pro

Excellent surveillance software to monitor the kids who stays at home when I am at work. Its really easy to install and connects itself with web camera automatically

Raimundo    2016-03-24 08:11:59
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